Welcome to Team Lancaster!

We're going to have a ball in 2nd grade!

We've got a great year of learning ahead of us!  

2nd grade is an adventure in learning!

Your child will continue to learn to improve their reading until they are ready to read to learn...

an exciting step on the reading journey.  


In our 2nd grade classroom, your child will be actively engaged in learning to read longer and with expression, work cooperatively, add and subtract multiple digits, tell time, count money, increase their vocabulary, use a dictionary, make predictions, and all sorts of wonderful, interesting, and fantastic things.  


 Our learning won't just be academic...we will change our mindsets to know that making mistakes helps us to learn, asking ourselves if we've done our best work before saying we're done, & finding out how we learn the best.

Your child will learn that my favorite word is YET

To me, YET is the most powerful word in our 2nd grade vocabulary as we learn new things that we might not have mastered YET, but with mistakes, effort, and hard work, we will keep growing our brains until we can! 

It's never just, "I can't!"  It's always, "I can't YET!"

In daily meetings, we will build our classroom community by getting to know each other, building our teamwork skills, learning how to listen and speak in a conversation, and fostering a sense of respectful independence.  

Please click below for more information about important upcoming events!
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